Life From My Bed

Oh isn't it lovely to just lie around in bed. To wake up from a lovely sleep and start a new day. To get up and see what life can throw at you as you go about your morning routine getting ready for work, school, meeting friends/family or just even staying at home. You have … Continue reading Life From My Bed

Hello July

Where is this year going to? One minute we feel like it is crawling by because we are all in lockdown and then all of a sudden it is July!! I have been thinking a lot lately about what exactly to write in my blog. The point of me writing in the first place was … Continue reading Hello July

Why I Dont Blog All The Time

Blogging - oh how I wish I could blog more often but it has become more apparent to me of late that the majority of my posts aren't exactly on the positive side! Why on earth would people want to read all this doom and gloom all the time - no wonder hardly anyone reads … Continue reading Why I Dont Blog All The Time

Living with M.E. during Covid-19 Lockdown

Many people living with M.E. already live in isolation so the new Government guidelines to stay at home is nothing new to us. To the healthy people going about their daily lives, this new way of living has become a huge shock to them. Perhaps you can use this time to reflect and empathise with … Continue reading Living with M.E. during Covid-19 Lockdown

Looking Forward While Looking Back

What a year 2019 has been! So many ups and downs which I am sure you can all relate to. All the good times we have had along with the bad. Everyone looks back over the months that have passed when entering the new year. When you live with a chronic illness time tends to … Continue reading Looking Forward While Looking Back

Opening My Eyes

I've pondered over sharing this for a while but I believe that I can help others to know that they are not alone if I do. This is far from a pity post, just simply sharing my story. Am I anxious of the reaction it will bring, that going to stop! When I … Continue reading Opening My Eyes

September Already?!

Wow! Where is this year going? They say time goes faster as you get older and I can totally relate to that! This time of year is always fast paced for our family once we hit September and my daughter returns to school. Her birthday is in this month followed by the Bridgwater Fair which … Continue reading September Already?!

In Sickness And In Health

I want to take this opportunity to talk about my husband, my soul mate, my rock. We have been married for 12 years this year but have been together for 20+ years. We even went to school together but the spark did not come until much later. Often in my struggle to see any positives … Continue reading In Sickness And In Health

Why I need you to understand

So, this year's ME Awareness week is nearly upon us. It raises varying emotions for me but I am comforted that I am not alone. It seems impossible that in this day and age there are literally millions of us missing from our lives. Surely you must think that it is just a number plucked … Continue reading Why I need you to understand

We Are The Millions Missing

All over social media you will see talk of the Millions Missing but more so at the moment as we head towards the next global protest for 2019. So what is The Millions Missing all about? Well, it near enough says what it is - Millions Missing. Sufferers are missing from their lives and there … Continue reading We Are The Millions Missing